“For one reason or another, The Raven Charter is one of those bands I don’t see just too often, but I’m perpetually blown away by them, and after seeing a show think to myself, “I need to see these guys more often.” Those harmonies they employ on so many of their songs, and just their music in general is highly original, ensuring they’re not your typical rock band. The raw energy they pack into their show is also better than most, and yes, they’re all excellent musicians. Especially Anthony, who’s just an outstanding and vigorous bass player.”
Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast

“...the instrumentals are tight, there is a tasteful amount of synth work, and the vocals are emotive. This is a progressive band that still knows what a groove is, and that can move from dirty and alternative to polished and harmonious without you ever noticing the gear change. Having seen a more than a few local prog acts (and having played in a couple), I know that most of them suffer from a lack of stage presence. Musicians of this ilk tend to be a tad introspective in the first place, and if the band is good enough, that will carry the weight. Raven Charter is not one of those bands. These guys have the stage show down, they have the rock-star stance, and Sosa’s hair seems to defy gravity (is hair-prog a genre?). They are as much fun to watch as to listen to. For a good feel of who these guys are about, check out the band on its YouTube page. The video for No Direction is a nicely shot performance vid with good audio. And be sure to check them live when you get a chance.”
Steve Watkins - dfw.com

“Are you ready to rock? You need to ask yourself that question first before jumping aboard this musical locomotive called The Raven Charter. This a very talented band at all positions. The lead vocals are incredibly strong and the musicianship is top notch. They cover some ground with their music... going from rock, to more heavy sounds with a metal edge and some progressive elements become obvious to add even more flavor to their sound. The Raven Charter is a band to get excited about. I certainly feel they have a bright future ahead of them”
Muzik Reviews

"... these guys are less of a 'band', and more of a breathing chronicle to a story that they're unfolding, song by song."
The Denton Music Zone


Garrett Bond: lead vocals, harmonica
Daniel Baskind: lead guitar, vocals, programming
Brandon Bond: guitar
Erik Stolpe: keyboard
Anthony Sosa: bass
Brian Christie: drums and percussion